Our Story

Sangha (Sanskrit for “community”) began as a social impact startup committed to serving local communities by providing an innovative tool to connect and simplify interactions between parents, teachers, and public schools. As parents living in the San Francisco Bay Area, we found ourselves struggling to keep up with the busy school calendar, signup forms, and flyers coming home. We decided to take our experience from Yahoo!, Skype, and Oracle and solve this problem.

The Sangha app was born from a need discovered personally by one of our founders….

As I returned home on a warm Bay area evening I found my daughter sullen. The usual sparkle in her eyes was missing so was the spright in her walk. She looked sad. I soon found out that her class had a field trip to the SF 49ers training facility during the day. She and her fellow classmate were made to sit out of the trip while the rest of her 28 classmates had fun learning the ropes of throwing and catching ball. It turned out that I had forgotten to sign and turn in the permission slip on time. It dawned on me that missed deadlines, signups and even forgotten pickups happen way too often for 50+ million parents, their 50 million children, 100,000+ principals and millions of teachers. Sangha was born to simplify interactions, reduce stress and eliminate these unhappy experiences.

Pavan Batchu, Sangha Co-Founder

Now Sangha is thrilled to be part of the Edlio family. In Edlio, a leading school CMS and communication provider, we found a partner with a shared passion for simpler school communication. Together, Edlio and Sangha offer one of the most robust communication packages for school administrators, teachers and parents.

Our Team


Pavan Batchu
Parent, Sangha Co Founder & CEO


Srikanth Thadakamalla
Parent, Sangha Co Founder, Engineering


Srivatsan Srinivasan
Sangha Co Founder, Engineering


What Is Your Story?

If you are a parent, teacher, principal, or organizer, we would love to hear your story. How Sangha changed the way you interact with others and the way you work?

Send your story to: marketing@sanghapp.com