What is Sangha?

Schools, Teachers & Organizers create and share events, tasks, signup requests and messages

Parents view, signup or respond

Schools, Teachers & Organizers receive & manage all responses

Schools, Teachers & Groups

Create & Share

Events, tasks, signup requests and messages.

Receive responses & eSignatures

for Parent Conferences, Volunteering, Material, Requests, RSVPs, Permission Slips and all other Forms,

"Prior to launching Sangha we have always been doing parent phone calls, sending emails, and flyers but inevitably some parent would say 'I didn't know'". 
Marshall Pomeroy 's Principal



Smart Alerts

No more missed deadlines & forgotten signups.

Calendar View

Visibility into Holidays, Tasks, Events & Signup Requests.

Instant Signups

One tap signups, fill forms & eSign.

Easy Communication

Receive group messages & privately message teachers.

"Sangha brings all of this information into one mobile app where you can respond with your fingertip”

Schools across the country are transforming parent interactions with Sangha